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An important part of our mission at Brighton Advisory Group is to help as many people as possible understand the world of finance and to maneuver through it safely. One way we do this is through seminars we conduct on important aspects of financial planning strategies.

How to mitigate the fiduciary liability as a trustee of a qualified retirement plan.


How to get the most out of a 401(k) Plan so as to be advantageous to both employer and employee.


How to avoid capital gains tax on the sale of appreciated assets.


How to create tax deductible and estate tax-free death benefits.


How to pick the right insurance company in today’s economy. What to look for and how to read between the lines of an illustration.


How to create tax efficient retirement plan with tax free growth and tax free distributions.


How to design a retirement plan for the stockholders/owners or key personnel.


How to avoid or replace the 75% tax on distributions from a qualified retirement plan or IRA.


How to use corporate dollars to fund personal fringe benefits.


How to create deep discounts to reduce estate and gift taxes.


How to provide for long term care and make your way through the minefield of products available.


How to place yourself on a level playing field and protect your assets from litigation/creditors

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