Our Services

When we create a wealth management plan for our clients, it must meet two crucial criteria—it has to be both comprehensive and comprehensible. Our clients value the fact that we always make their plan, no matter how sophisticated it may be, clear and understandable. It’s their future we’re dealing with and we respect its importance.

Working with your current advisors, we help develop a series of financial and estate planning strategies and then work with you on implementing them.

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Protecting and Preserving Wealth

Analysis of Your Current Overall Insurance Plan (life, disability, and long-term care).

  • Insurance audit to determine whether your insurance is:

    • adequate, 

    • appropriate, 

    • cost effective 

    • tax efficient

Income and Estate Tax Reduction Strategies

  • The most cost-efficient ways to fund your estate tax

  • Strategies to reduce your income tax

  • Tax efficient gifting strategies 

  • How to succeed your business

  • Captive Insurance strategies

Risk Management

  • How best to retain your Key People

  • Buy/sell strategies

  • How to best equalize your business assets between active and inactive children

  • How to provide productive enhancing company benefits

Asset Protection Planning

  • Does your plan protect your children from loss due to divorce or litigation 

  • Does your plan provide you with control

  • Assessing the liability and risk to your assets

Capital Gains Tax Elimination

  • Capital gain reduction trusts 

  • 30 year deferral strategies 

  • Exchanges Strategies

Retirement Planning

  • How to provide guaranteed, protected income for life

  • How to maximize your tax efficiency 

  • How to provide investment solutions with no market downside risk

  • How to provide tax-deferred growth and tax free distributions


Planning the Distribution of Wealth at Death

  • Who is best to serve as my Trustee/Executor?​

  • Why I might not want to name my children as trustees?

  • What are some of the “Lack of Continuity" issues I should be concerned with?​

  • What is the best way to title my assets in order to avoid unnecessary taxation and probate issues?   ​

  • Here are some of the most often asked questions regarding the distribution of wealth for the benefit of a spouse, descendants, and others:


  • Will I be able to maintain control while I am alive?

  • Who will manage my assets at my death?

  • Who can I call upon to review my Trust documents? 

  • Who can I call upon to review my asset protection strategies?

  • How can I utilize beneficiary incentives in order to avoid the Trust Baby syndrome?

  • How do I create the most tax efficiency within my estate plan?